Happy 10th Anniversary!

My journey with Hana House began in the spring of 2009 when Noah was 18 months old. I was looking for a place where he could be understood and feel comfortable. He spoke Japanese, English and ASL (sign language), and often received looks and comments which made Noah uncomfortable. On our first visit to Hana House we received a warm welcome and Noah felt comfortable from the start.


One thing which really makes Hana House unique is the number of long-term teachers, each with their own specialty. Also, many of the staff members started out as students. Looking back it is hard to believe that the Hana House we have today started out with small community of like-minded parents who met for classes in Yuko’s living room. I sincerely hope we can continue to support and encourage each other on our language and learning journeys in the years to come!


I feel so lucky to have been part of Hana House for the past 9 years. Hana House really feels like my family in Japan. It’s been a wonderful experience to watch the students, staff and Hana House grow and evolve year on year. Hana House offers students such a unique opportunity to not only learn English but build bonds with teachers, other students and the world around them. As we move forward toward the next ten years I hope that Hana House and I are able to continue growing and contributing to the creation of global citizens. It really is an honor to teach at Hana House. I hope that we can all continue to grow together for many years to come.


I was so happy to join Hana House almost 9 years ago in July 2010. I wanted to teach at Hana House because the approach to teaching very young children, was very similar to the approach taken by 幼児開発協会, the organization I had worked for, for 20 years. I found Hana House shortly after 幼児開発協会 was closed by its parent company, it was like the light at the end of a tunnel.


Hana House is a special place for me, it's more like a big family, Hana House really takes care of its students and teachers.


I think "Parent Sharing" is the big difference that sets Hana House apart from other schools. Children can see their Mothers and Fathers using English, in a similar to the Suzuki Method.


I joined Hana House maybe three years ago around 2016. I started teaching the once a month Dance In English class. And I saw some kids who had a special talent for movement and remembering choreography so I asked Yuko if we could make a Kids Salsa Team. And now I teach the team class and want to also have an open dance class for kids and parents.


-What is special about hanahouse to you?

Hana House is creative and lives up to its mission- to inspire and stimulate children’s minds. I am always impressed with the diverse classes like Science, Geography, Acting, and of course Dance! I find that the kids learn English naturally through fun educational activities. Hana House kids are energetic andn the parents are so supportive.


-What do you think Hana House is different from other schools?

Hana House is always thinking outside of the box. There are always possibilities. I have to say Yuko, the director, is the spearhead for always finding a win win solution to make programming fun for teachers and kids. The staff, teachers and kids are positive about learning and building a good atmosphere. 


-Messages to students

I watch all your classes and I am happy all of you try different things from cooking, to camp and of course Dance! Keep having fun with friends and learning. Being a kid is great, I miss it. If I were a kid I would wanna be at Hana House for sure. You are lucky!


Congratulations Hanahouse!! 

I began teaching at Hanahouse in September 2015 when my eldest daughter Emma was 12months old.  I was so happy to find a school that was welcoming to my baby and offered a teaching assistant to help care for her while I taught class.  This was so amazing!  I now have a second daughter Mia who also attends classes from time to time and Hanahouse has become a second home for us. 

"What makes Hanahouse special?"

The lessons at Hana House are not taught in a boring traditional way but are creative and fun! The staff are super friendly and students can feel like they are playing with friends.  This is the secret to learning anything in life. Enjoying it! Don’t sit still, move your body and have fun learning. I also like the make-up system which gives you a chance to try different classes. I hope hanahouse will become a second home for you too! 


Debbie Hirahara 

What is special about Hana House to you?”

All the people are lovely. I feel very comfortable working whilebringing my two small children and whenever I have a problem, everyone is very understanding. My oldest daughter loves coming to Hanahouse with me. We all love it here!


“What do you think Hana House is different from other schools?”

Hanahouse has a variety of different classes and the focus is not always on English. The children can experience something new through English and that's what makes Hanahouse special. Also, there is always something new happening (events and classes) so it’s an exciting



“Messages to studnets”

Hana House is a wonderful place - I hope everyone continues to enjoy all the lessons and enjoys learning something new :)


-When you joined Hanahouse?

In recent years, I have been a substitute teacher for several months at a time when teachers took maternity leave.


-What is special about hanahouse to you?

The types of lessons are really exciting and unique and the students are all so enthusiastic. Also, I love the location and atmosphere in the school, even down to the wonderful British front door!


-What do you think hanahouse is different from other schools?

The approach of giving children the opportunity to learn many subjects and skills in English. Hana House does not just "teach English," it "lives English". There is a lot of talk about "Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)" in the education field, but Hana House is already doing it and doing it brilliantly! So students can choose the subject they are interested in e.g. ballet, drama or Geography etc. and enjoy learning it in English.


-Messages to students

You are all very special and this is a special time that you have at Hana House. The teachers are all energized by your enthusiasm. Keep up the good work!!!


-When you joined Hanahouse?

January 2015

-What is special about Hana House to you?

Hana House is a community. It is a local place of opportunity for children to develop curious minds and generous hearts. I always felt a warm welcome at Hana House.   

-What do you think Hana House is different from other schools?

Hana House cares about child development first, and English second. This might not please all families, but I believe that the life-long benefits will be great. Yuko Takahashi's dedication to learning about the latest research and trends in childhood education shows that Hana House is more than a business to her.

-Messages to students

I believe that Hana House will give you a strong foundation for life. I hope that you will always keep your curious minds and generous hearts.


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