Science / Geography / After School


Q1. Where Are You From? / 出身地

Birmingham, UK

Q2. What Were You Like As A Child? / どんな子供でしたか?

As a child I spent a lot of my time in the outdoors, playing video games, and taking care of pets!

Q3. What Jobs Have You Had In The Past? / これまでの職歴

I was a salesman in the UK for a while, but came to Japan and have worked here as a teacher for the past 14 years. I've taught in public schools, English conversation schools, and as a private teacher.

Q4. What Things Do You Love? / 好きなもの

I love hiking and have climbed about 200 mountains in Japan so far. I also love science and philosophy, as well as music and singing!

Q5. What Do You Want Children To Learn? / こどもたちに身につけてもらいたいこと

There are many things that I wasn't taught in school that I wish I had been. I feel children are able to learn much more about science at a younger age, for example, and there are so many interesting things in the world that are not taught in most geography classes. I want to look at material that captures kids' imaginations and puts things in new perspectives, such as the famous Pale Blue Dot photo of Earth from 6 billion kilometers away, or the world map from the perspective of Australia, with the South Pole at the top. Most importantly, I want to teach kids how to think, not want to think.
学びたいのに、学校で学ぶことができなかったことがたくさんあります。例えば、子供はもっと早いうちからScienceを学ぶ力があると感じています。あるいは学校の地理の授業では習わない、たくさんの面白いことが世界にはたくさんあると感じています。私は、子供たちのイマジネーションを掴み、新しい視点を生み出してくれる教材をいつも探しています。例えば、60億キロ先から地球に届く有名なPale Blue Dot(地球)の写真や、南極点がトップにあるオーストラリアの視点からみた世界地図などです。一番大切なことは、「学びたい」ではなく「どうやって考えるか」を教えたいと思っています。

Q6. Message To Students / メッセージ

Thank you all for your hard work during the difficult time we've been having with the pandemic! I'm looking forward to seeing you all again at Hanahouse in 2022! Let's have lots of fun learning new things!
コロナ禍で大変な中、たくさんのご協力をいただきありがとうございました。2022ハナハウス で会えることを楽しみにしています。たくさんの新しい学びを思い切り楽しみましょう!