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Rhythm of English


Q1. Where Are You From? / 出身地

I am from Bradford England,It was a boomtown of the Industrial Revolution, and amongst the earliest industrialised settlements, rapidly becoming the "wool capital of the world" which attracted workers from many other counties, so I was lucky to grow up with children from other cultures.


Q2. What Were You Like As A Child? / どんな子供でしたか?

As a child, I was happy always making new friends.


Q3. What Jobs Have You Had In The Past? / これまでの職歴

I taught for 幼児開発協会 for 20 years, before joining Hana House in 2010.


Q4. What Things Do You Love? / 好きなもの

My family, music, teaching children, Hana House, Turkish Kilims, Japanese food, and hand pumped beer.


Q5. What Do You Want Children To Learn? / こどもたちに身につけてもらいたいこと

I want children to find things they want to learn more about.


Q6. Message To Students / メッセージ

Go where there is no path, and leave a trail.


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