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三鷹市公会堂 光ホール

【Year End Performance】自由席チケット予約

3/3(日) Year End Performanceの自由席のwebチケットです。こちらからお席のご予約をお願い致します。

【Year End Performance】自由席チケット予約
【Year End Performance】自由席チケット予約


2024年3月03日 14:10 – 16:30

三鷹市公会堂 光ホール, 日本、〒181-0014 東京都三鷹市野崎1丁目1−1




・場所:三鷹市公会堂 光のホール












【Year End Performance】

・Date: 3/3 (Sun) 

・Venue: Mitaka City Public Hall, Hikari Hall

・Reception Hours: 14:10-15:30 (Reception closed at 15:30)

・Doors open: 14:10 

・Opening time: 14:30 

・Closing Time: 16:30 

・No food or drinks allowed inside the hall. 

・No car paking available.

・Bicycle parking is located on the right side of the building when viewed from the front.

■ Bus Information from Each Station

JR Mitaka Station

From platform 7 at the South Exit, take the <Taka 54> bound for Shin-Kawa Danchi via Sengawa or Koko Gakuen Higashi. Get off at "Mitaka City Hall" (Approximately 10 minutes).

JR Kichijoji Station

From platform 3 at the Park Exit, take <Yoshi 01> or <Sakai 92> bound for Musashisakai Station South Exit, or from platform 4, take <Yoshi 06> bound for Chofu Station North Exit. Get off at "Mitaka City Hall" (Approximately 15 minutes).

Keio Line Chofu Station

From platform 11 or 12 at the North Exit, take <Yoshi 06> or <Yoshi 14> bound for Kichijoji Station. Get off at "Mitaka City Hall" (Approximately 20 minutes).

<Other information> 

・Children who do not require a seat do not need to make a reservation.

・Doors are closed until 14:10.

・All seats are unreserved for this ticket.


  • 【大人/adult】自由席webチケット

    セール終了: 3月02日 15:00
  • 【子供/child】自由席webチケット

    セール終了: 3月02日 15:00




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