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Q1. Where Are You From? / 出身地

I am from Sacramento, California, the capital of California although not many people know of it. I grew up in a small town there around US military base because my father was US Air Force although he was born in Japan, he became a US citizen and served in the military. I believe he was one of the only Japanese American soldiers I ever saw.

Q2. What Were You Like As A Child? / どんな子供でしたか?

As a child, I was curious and quirky. I loved school and to move a lot that my mom nicknamed me “monkey” because I jumped around and moved a lot that reminded her of a wild monkey. I was also awkward looking, very skinny with long arms and legs lol. At school I was called a “nerd” because I got straight A’s and teachers liked me because I was a good student and was top of the class. Being teacher’s pet wasn’t cool. In elementary school, I was shy but by middle and high school, I started dancing and cheering so I was also a nerd but because I could dance in front of the crowds and was a cheerleader I made a lot of new friends. I am pretty much the same as I was in school, friendly and talked to everyone but very much into my work and dance.

Q3. What Jobs Have You Had In The Past? / これまでの職歴

I have been teaching dance since high school to my peers and friends and loved teaching in general. So I have been teaching English and dance for over 20 years. I also got certified yoga and Pilates and teach those as well.
I also worked as an event coordinator, a performer for World Family Disney’s English affiliated dance English shows, sales and marketing, waitress, engraver, hostess, and of course dancer.
高校時代から、同級生や友達にダンスを教えていました。教えるということそのものが好きだったのです。それで英語とダンスを教えて20年になります。私はヨガやピラティスの資格も持っています。他にイベント・コーディネーターや、World Family Disneyの英語のダンス・ショーも長年務めました。他には営業も、マーケティングも、ウェイトレスも、彫刻家も、ホステスも(!)やりました。そしてもちろんダンサーです。

Q4. What Things Do You Love? / 好きなもの

Sparkles, music, dance, stretching, my cats, getting good deals on nice items-bargain hunting, cooking, learning new things, playing drums, laughing, eating good food, traveling to beautiful beach areas, dancing on the beach in moonlight

Q5. What Do You Want Children To Learn? / こどもたちに身につけてもらいたいこと

hope children learn many things like:
Be honest and unafraid in communicating and expressing themselves verbally and with their body movement
Learn the power and energy of working in a team, knowing when to lead and when to follow, knowing it’s ok to shine individually as well and being cohesive

Learn how to be flexible and mobile and feel balanced

Learn many different rhythm patterns and how to move with the music

Learn how to be graceful and strong at the same time

Remember how much FUN it is to dance anytime of their life and to always move for health and happiness


Q6. Message To Students / メッセージ

I hope you all make wonderful memories in dance class. I hope that you remember you applied yourself very hard in class, but that it was so much fun to work your brain and body to accomplish a very polished performance. I hope you remember the feeling of when you learned and mastered a difficult step that then became easy to do. I hope you continue to dance your whole life and stay in touch with each other as lifelong friends. I hope you to see your dance videos when you become an adult and are doing cool things with dance throughout your life! Please send them to me:)!

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