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Baby Signing Time

Signing Time Academy certified Master Instructor. North American Montessori Center Infant/Toddler Diploma。サイン育児をはじめモンテッソーリ、多言語教育など幼児教育と育児に幅広く精通する。ハナハウス第二の母。

Q1. Where Are You From? / 出身地

I grew up in a small rural town in Northern WI, in the US.

Q2. What Were You Like As A Child? / どんな子供でしたか?

I was curious and creative, loved to read, imagine, and be outdoors.

Q3. What Jobs Have You Had In The Past? / これまでの職歴

I’ve been working with families in educational settings for over 25 years. I started teaching Baby Signing Time Classes at Hana House in 2009 and have been leading Montessori and topic based partnering seminars from 2011. Before joining Hana House I worked at an international school, as a lifeguard & swimming instructor and a wilderness camping trip leader, among other things.

Q4. What Things Do You Love? / 好きなもの

4. Family time, reading, board games, building things with Lego, budget travel - especially 終点旅 (Shuten Tabi) on local trains to visit interesting places.

Q5. What Do You Want Children To Learn? / こどもたちに身につけてもらいたいこと

It is my hope that children, and their families, will discover a love of learning and a deep interest in the larger world. A desire to ask “Why? How?”, being able to look for answers, and developing the ability to communicate thoughts are some of the best tools anyone can have. The childhood years are an unparalleled opportunity for growth in these areas.
子供たちとその家族に「love of learning」、そして広い世界への深い興味を見つけてほしいと願っています。「なぜ?どうやって?」を問う熱情。答えを探し求める強さ、思考を交わす力を育てること。それらは誰もが持ち得る最良かつ最前の道具だと思います。子供時代というものは、その力を得る上で比類のない大事な時期だと考えています。

Q6. Message To Students / メッセージ

Try everything, go everywhere, listen to the stories of the people you meet and find things you love to do with people you enjoy being with. Be observant and don’t hesitate to help others when you see a need that you can meet - even a small action like holding a door open for someone whose arms are full - can make a big difference in how someone feels that day.

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