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Phonics / Speaking / Big Questions!


Q1. Where Are You From? / 出身地

I am from a small town in Georgia, which is part of the United States of America.

Q2. What Were You Like As A Child? / どんな子供でしたか?

I was very curious about everything and loved to talk and tell stories.

Q3. What Jobs Have You Had In The Past? / これまでの職歴

I have been a waiter, a janitor, a carpenter, a newspaper reporter, and a model. I had many jobs before I moved to Japan. I am currently the head of a small STEM school in Hachioji called Centauri Institute.
ウェイター、管理人、大工、新聞のレポーター、モデルなど日本に来る前はたくさんの仕事をしました。現在は八王子でCentauri InstituteというSTEMスクールの代表をしています。

Q4. What Things Do You Love? / 好きなもの

I love eating, and video games. I love going on Nature Hikes, and I love science.

Q5. What Do You Want Children To Learn? / こどもたちに身につけてもらいたいこと

I want children to learn to enjoy learning. I also like to teach children how to approach problems logically and work to find solutions to those problems.

Q6. Message To Students / メッセージ

If you have a question, any question at all, please ask me. If I don’t know the answer, then it will be a fun opportunity for us to find the answer to your question together

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